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Leftovers Galore

Phaedra and I spent the evening we got back from Miami, in making up what we missed by going south (I wish we could merge both events together). The company of Eva, Anthony, Mattie, Jessica, Ben, and Rachel. The excellent food (from both eve’s dinner of seven fishes & day’s dinner of meats). The liquor. The laughter. The birthday cake (Phaedra’s second). The traffic driving back home in the holidays. And of course the gift giving. Everything was great; thank you Eva & Anthony for sharing with us. I wish my family could have been there. They’d have loved it! There are a bunch of photos of the fun, & the kids on our family site.

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We’re Back…

Well as you can tell from this, and the two previous posts, Phaedra and I are back from our trip down south. Every other year we’re suppose to spend Christmas (and subsequently Phaedra’s birthday) with my family in Miami. They live in Kendall on one of the few lakes not connected to the canals (and therefore safe to swim (unless you really like alligators)). We had to skip last year due to hurting my Continue reading We’re Back…

So we went to Miami Ink…

Miami Ink
Yep, Phaedra has an obsession watching this tattoo show, Miami Ink, plus it’s spin-offs, so she was really excited when I told her we were going to visit the actual shop in South Beach. We didn’t see any of the show’s stars artists, (we were there at 1 pm, and it closes at 2 am), if they are ever there at all except when shooting. We spent a good half hour outside, with me trying to persuade Phaedra to go for it. With all the time she spends watching these shows, I know she secretly wants one. She had casually mentioned possibly getting an Angel on her shoulder (maybe a matching cute devil on the other?). I had told her if she went through with it, I’d get one too, like a small heart with Phaedra’s initials in it. In the end we went with something different: Continue reading So we went to Miami Ink…

Another Turkey Dies For a Good Cause


Food, food, and more food was the theme (as usual) at the LaPreta’s for Thanksgiving. Besides the customary Turkey, stuffing, & cranberries, we were treated to anti-pasta, stuffed artichokes, stuffed mushrooms, lasagna, meatballs & sausages, sweet potato pie (a Phaedra special) and a mixed fruit compote. Of course, coffee and various pies followed. The hosts outdid themselves. Besides the usual crew we enjoyed the company of Continue reading Another Turkey Dies For a Good Cause