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Eoin’s Baby Shower

photo.jpgWell Eoin is gonna become a daddy within the next few days; so we got together at work, chipped in a few bucks for a present, cake, soda, and gave the soon to be Pop a little shingding. Besides celebrating his bundle of joy to be, we were also consoling him on the total loss of any free time he would have had for the next 18 years or so. But the most important thing to remember, is a little gem a TV dad once said: Continue reading Eoin’s Baby Shower

Marylou’s Birthday

photo.jpgWe went Tuesday night to celebrate Marylou’s birthday at her home. As we both work in the city, by the time we got to her home, the party was in full swing. After eating a quick Chinese meal, we got in a few rounds of laughing and drinking before the birthday cake got brought out. We had a great time and want to thank Marylou, and her daughter Louisa, for inviting us. Continue reading Marylou’s Birthday

New Family Photo Blog

You may have noticed you don’t see many (if any) photographs of Eva & Anthony’s kids, or any other children on this site. That was done intentionally. Now I’m setting up a new site/blog that can be a repository for the photo’s of children in our extended family and any other pictures we only want to share within our closed group.
Continue reading New Family Photo Blog