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$5 off SmugMug!
(Oh, and family-only website reborn)

Smug Mug
OK, as any of my friends can attest, I’m an Apple fanboy. I’ve worked on Apple computers before there was a Mac, and I’ve just about owned every model of Mac PC they have come out with, except the notebooks and the $10,000 Lisa (although I have used one). I’ve owned a few iPods, an iPhone, I’ve even been known to pay for their software. I love iWeb and .mac, but their web servers are as slow as the Post Office molasses. That was one of the reasons I originally moved this web site from Apple to Continue reading $5 off SmugMug!
(Oh, and family-only website reborn)

Gavin’s Visit

photo.jpgSorry but this posting is a bit belated. Turn’s out our friend Louisa, daughter of Marylou (see next post), has been having an internet romance. On August 19th, Gavin flew over from England to meet Louisa for the very first time in person. Given Phaedra & my work schedule, we unfortunately could not meet Gavin in person, but from what everyone has told us, Continue reading Gavin’s Visit