We’ve Been Pug’d

buffy_angel.jpgI know, it’s been a long time, and one day soon I’ll upload all the family photos I’ve taken in the last couple of years. But for today I wanted to let you all know we are Pug owners again. This morning we picked up two pugs, and , from PLUTO (Pet Lover’s United Together as One), an animal rescue organization on Staten Island. Buffy (the white/fawn colored one) and Angel (the black ), are both girls and five years old. They were voluntarily rescued from someone who kept them locked together, in a small cage, in their basement for most of their lives. They’ve also been shaved, not a common practice for pugs, but that will grow back. They are both healthy, but Buffy has a scratch on her cornea that should heal within a couple of weeks.

Buffy is the sweet one, laid-back and overweight (kinda like me), and Angel is a real devil, frisky, a little jealous when Buffy gets attention, and currently peeing all over the kitchen. Right now we have the kitchen sealed off, Wee-Wee Pads in place, but hopefully that will change once we housebreak Angel (something that nor I have ever done). is of course ecstatic, they are both very cute and lovable. When we had previously talked about adopting dogs, suggested the name Buffy, which lead me to say, “Then of course we need to name the other Angel”, a reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a movie & TV show (later Angel, a vampire, got his own spin-off).

We are all four very happy. This afternoon , , , , & came over to visit and the pugs were very good around the (and adults). The only time they bark is when they get separated. We found this out when Phaedra went to walk each one on their own (that won’t be happening again). Photos can be seen below. A limited set of photos can be downloaded from the link on the lower left sidebar or you can download individual photos from my SmugMug site.

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