$5 off SmugMug!
(Oh, and family-only website reborn)

Smug Mug
OK, as any of my can attest, I’m an fanboy. I’ve worked on Apple computers before there was a Mac, and I’ve just about owned every model of Mac PC they have come out with, except the notebooks and the $10,000 Lisa (although I have used one). I’ve owned a few iPods, an iPhone, I’ve even been known to pay for their software. I love iWeb and .mac, but their web servers are as slow as the Post Office molasses. That was one of the reasons I originally moved this web site from Apple to HostMonster (highly recommend them). I’ve spent the last month trying to make this site faster, and now over the last few days, in a quest for speed, I’ve moved all our photos, both this site’s and our -only site, from being hosted on Apple, to being a series of galleries on SmugMug (family site ones are still password protected).

There are some downsides. iWeb was a wonderful tool for creating web sites. The integration of iPhoto, iWeb, and .mac, made it real easy to put a sophisticated and complex gallery of albums up on the web. I will also miss the nifty mini-slideshow widgets iPhoto could produce (I have kept a couple cause I like them so much).

However it was really really slow. If you were using Internet Explorer as your browser (you really should get Safari or FireFox), or were connecting through DSL or (God forbid) dial-up, well then, you probably gave up on my family site. I apologize for that. That’s what, after a bit of research, led be to SmugMug. You have to pay for the service, but it is a very small yearly amount for the ‘standard’ level service. Sure there are free sites like Flickr out there, but your viewers have to put up with advertisements, and a not as nice interface. Plus SmugMug is really fast. If you are ever interested in using their service, I can get you five dollars off by using coupon code zUHZEirkZ6UDQ in the ‘Referred by’ field on the signup form.

SmugMug gives me unlimited photo storage, so besides now having private backups of all my pics, the public galleries contain many more pictures than before. Also if you see a photo of mine you truly like, besides downloading it for free, you can pay to have it professionally printed ($0.19 for a 4×6), you can even have it made into a mug, an apron, a ceramic tile, keychain, or a slew of other choices. Just so you know, the prices are reasonable because I’ve chosen not to recieve any proceeds from these sales.

So in closing, there have been allot of behind the scene changes on our web sites, plus I had to notch up security in response to a hacking attempt. If you find anything broken, a link not going were it is suppose to, a missing picture symbol, an out right error message, please email me and let me know so I can fix it. Thanks for reading hernandezlife.com

P.S. For the family-only galleries, the password is the same and you no longer need a userid.

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4 thoughts on “$5 off SmugMug!
(Oh, and family-only website reborn)”

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