Happy New Year & Deranged Snowmen

New Year Blast
We hadn’t originally planed on it, but & I ended up having an impromptu New Year’s Bash at our home. Three generations of ’s plus our Stacy & Mike helped us bring the new year in. Thanks to , we’ll have enough cold-cuts & antipasto to last the whole year. Thanks to my overzealousness, we’ll have to last just as long. Photos of the night can be seen on our . Phaedra & I wish everyone a great 2008.

As a bonus, at the end of this post, you’ll find some Calvin & Hobbs’ snowman comics, written and illustrated by Bill Watterson.

To see photos of our New Year’s Eve, please go to our private family website family.hernandezlife.com, or, to save time, just click here.

Diner Table

Liquor Table

New Year Dinner