So we went to Miami Ink…

Miami Ink
Yep, has an obsession watching this show, Miami Ink, plus it’s spin-offs, so she was really excited when I told her we were going to visit the actual shop in South Beach. We didn’t see any of the show’s stars artists, (we were there at 1 pm, and it closes at 2 am), if they are ever there at all except when shooting. We spent a good half hour outside, with me trying to persuade Phaedra to go for it. With all the time she spends watching these shows, I know she secretly wants one. She had casually mentioned possibly getting an Angel on her shoulder (maybe a matching cute devil on the other?). I had told her if she went through with it, I’d get one too, like a small heart with Phaedra’s initials in it. In the end we went with something different:

phaedra tattoo
rick tattoo

Click any of the 3 pictures for larger versions

Yep that’s right we got tattoos, A smiling sun on Phaedra’s neck, and a dragon on my left shoulder. But not at Miami Ink. Instead we wimped out and got Henna Tattoos on the beach. Basically they paint a design on you using Henna. Henna is a plant whose leaves are crushed & mixed with oils to make an ink. Same stuff they use in some hair dyes. The ink will dry and flake off, but not after staining the skin below. The design, over two or three weeks, will slowly fade and be gone. You can get designs with colors other than black, but those colors will fade much quicker. Henna Tattoos have been around for about five thousand years; it is well documented that Cleopatra herself used Henna for decorative purposes as well as her hair.

Visit this link to see a cool interactive flip book of real tattoo designs.



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