I hate , and I’m not talking about the food product, I’m not talking about the play, I’m not even talking about the song. I’m talking about those greedy sons of %!$^@# unscrupulous spawn of Satan persons who flood our emails and who leave commercial scams in comments on blogs. I have an automated spam catcher that is pretty good, it has zapped just under forty spam comments to date. However one just recently made it into my Guest Book hawking Viagra. It was up for a few hours before I found and zapped it into oblivion. I also banned the IP address it came from from all my web sites.

So dear reader (and I assume there are only a couple of you), If you see any postings, comments, links, or Guest Book entries either promising to turn your garden snake into a python, sell you Viagra without a prescription, or claiming you can make $1,000 a day reading email, please be assured it did not come from me. Send me an email and I’ll delete it and ban the retard lowlife that posted it.

Thanks for letting me vent.




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