I.S. Holiday Party

We had our yearly ‘Informations Systems Department’ Party on Tuesday. Thanks to all the managers for supplying all the & drinks (including Champaign), also Mike brought in some great from his wife’s Chinese restaurant. Other IS staff brought in a bevy of deserts. We also had our traditional ‘Chinese Grab Bag’ (don’t look at me, I didn’t name it). Yours truly came away with a nice bottle of Finlandia Vodka with 3 shot glasses. For those of you who don’t know the rules:

  • Everyone who brought a gift ($20 min – unisexual) pulls a number out of a hat
  • Person #1 picks a gift, unwraps it, & shows everyone
  • Person #2 unwraps a gift, then gets to choose to keep it or forcibly trade for Person #1’s gift
  • Person #3 opens a gift, then either keeps it or trades for either of the two gifts that came before
  • And so on…
  • The last person, #32 in our case, opens the last gift and gets to choose between it or any of the 31 gifts that came before.

Obviously the higher the number the better. I got #16. To be real fun, it must be played cutthroat; doesn’t matter if the person who has what you want is your boss or not, a friend or not. We all had a great time.

To see all the photos from our party, click Photos above, click on , then click on IS Holiday Party ’07. Or just click here. There are 2 pages worth.



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