Dec 5th – A New American Drinking Holiday


At least it should be. Yes we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, but these are not American holidays. Repeal Day commemorates the anniversary of Congress repealing the Eighteenth Amendment and giving us the government’s approval to consume alcohol in all it’s glorious variations. Repeal day is a great excuse occasion to get together with and pay tribute to our constitutional rights.


Here’s a quick history:

On January 16th, 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act, outlawing alcohol mostly due to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, who believed alcohol was the root of all evils. Predictably, our thirst for alcohol increased during Prohibition, and organized crime rose up to replace formerly legal methods of production and distribution. America was not happy, and in the thirteen years that followed, even many of the original proponents of Prohibition came to their senses. In 1932 Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for President on a platform that included the repeal of Prohibition.


On Decenber 5th, 1933, Congress ratified the 21st Amendment, repealing Prohibition and restoring the American right to a celebratory drink.

Click HERE for a great video showing what life would be like if the Volstead Act had never been repealed. Also click HERE for a very good Bartender’s blog on the same subject.

So to wrap it up, On December 5th, make sure to get together with friends and , have a few drinks (but don’t drive), and start a yearly celebration of “Repeal Day”.