iPod Turns Five Six Today

iPod PartyThe was first introduced on October 23, 2001. Now five six years later, over 100 million iPods have been sold and the technology has redefined entertainment, restructured the sale of recorded , unleashed programming from a broadcast schedule, and redefined cool. Not bad for a little white box that is just six years old. Now controls over 70% of the digital music player market.

This quarter alone Apple shipped over 10.5 million iPods, along with 1.5 million Macs and 1.1 million iPhones. When I first heard of the iPod I thought, who needs to carry 1,000 songs with them, now my iTunes library holds well over 5000 songs, not to mention a bunch of movies, TV shows, music videos and podcasts. The iPod has truly changed my personal daily entertainment. In the morning I listen to environmental sounds on the bus ride in to so I can drown out other noises and sleep. All day long I’m perusing my music library, and on the ride home from I usually either listen to an audio book, or watch a video or 2.

Happy iPod. Here’s to another 10 glorious years. Hopefully by then you will have reached three quarters of a billion sales.

Joy of Tech cartoon

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UPDATE: Sorry, seems I can’t count. The iPod is 6 years old today, not 5. To make it up, here’s a video of that day, six years ago.



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